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Please note that access to the support forum is restricted to verified buyers only. To apply for access click here and fill out the form.

Support is offered by this forum only, any other request will be redirected to the forum.
Please read this before you start posting.
Before You Start
  • Stammi

    Welcome To The Support Forums

    The support forums are accessible for all buyers of our items. You can find them on

    How Do I Get The Purchase Code?

    You need the purchase code to get access to this forum. Read here how to find it.

    Why Another Forum?

    ThemeForests comment function doesn't allow much flexibility and doesn't
    has a search function. Many users reported the same problem over and
    over again and it's hard for us to manage the issues.

    What Are The Advantages?

    The main advantage of this forum is that your question is maybe already answered. Use the search bar at the very top to search the forums. To keep comments in one place allows us to offer a much faster and effective support and you will benefit of it.

    How Do I Post?

    Please always use the items provided category and provide as much informations as possible. Some notes:

    • Try to investigate the problem yourself. If you found a solution on your own, I would be glad if you post it here.
    • Tell everything that might help us. A simple "there is a problem" might get no answer that would help you.
    • In case of Javascript problems: Please post errors shown in your Javascript console.
    • Post example code! :-) (Preferably using a paste service like

    Happy Posting,
    ~ Simon.

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